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Catch da Flava - Technology and The Side Effects

Welcome this is the 7th and finale Catch Da Flava Youth Radio Show. It is hosted by Iman and Vanessa and Vanessa’s brother Jaden. Andre was not present with us in the radio show because he was working on the Criminal Harassment Video but Andre was with us in spirit for our last radio show. The topic was about Technology and the side effects of too much exposure to it. In the radio show me Vanessa and Jaden discussed possible solutions/countermeasures for technology usage. Although it was our last radio show our group enjoyed broadcasting and loved working here at Regent Park Focus Media Centre and would love to come back here. Listen to Podcast:

Powerful By Nature - Celebrates Caribana

Date:   August 19 th , 2019 Hosts :  Kai Topic : PXN Celebrates Caribana   Caribana celebrates freedom and the struggle against slavery and Caribbean culture and identity. Join Kai as she explores the history of Caribana, talks about Caribana Toronto and shares tips for anyone interested in playing mas. Listen here: 2019-08-19

Neighbourhood Police - Group: # 1 Blog post #7

Our second last week at Focus was an eventful one. The beginning of the week was filled with editing for our Criminal Harassment and Neighbourhood Police videos. Wednesday was the most exciting day. Over the weekend, a bunch of Focus members participated in the 24 hr Film Challenge by TIFF. Wednesday was the screening where 18 films were shown on the big screen, including Focus’s own film “Sweet Deal”. It was so amazing to see the wide variety of entries, and how creative people were when implementing the required shots and props from TIFF. Even though Focus didn’t win, the bonding experience the team had and the final product is something they are proud of. I will definitely be part of that team next year. But we also had a bit of filming this week too. We had two interviews with Julie Fiddes from the Women’s Shelter discussing their role in helping victims of criminal harassment. Our big filming session was filming Rob and Amber on their patrols in the gay village and St. James

Catch da Flava - Opiod Epidemic in Canada

This is the sixth radio blog of Catch Da Flava Youth Radio Show hosted by Vanessa, Andre, and Iman. The topic is about Opioid and the opioid epidemic here in Canada. Our guest is Sheena Taha from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. She gave information about the topic and her opinion about it. This radio show showed the negative side effects of opioid overdoses and how to help others if they are struggling with opioid addiction. This is Iman from Catch Da Flava and hope you tune in for next week's radio show. Listen to Podcast: Date: August 14, 2019 Name: Iman Rajabi

Catch da Flava - Veganism VS Meat Eaters

On this weeks radio show we had a discussion about Lifestyle (Veganism Vs Meat Eaters). We had our guests Stephan, Raymondo & Diego speak about their experiences and the different lifestyles they live. On the vegan side we had Elise and Stephan and on the meat-eater side we had Raymondo and Diego. Both sides had GREAT arguments but its still unsolved as to which lifestyle is better. Elise Ardizzi hosted this week's show. I (Xavier Ricketts) and Minerva Navasca did the technical work for the show. Overall I enjoyed it this week and I look forward to my last radio show next week!!! Listen to Podcast: Date: August 14, 2019 Name: Xavier Ricketts

French Radio Show on Online Data Protection - Blog #6

Cette semaine, nous sommes avons animé une émission de radio sur la protection de données en ligne. Nous sommes donc entrés en contact avec un homme qui travaillait dans ce domaine afin qu’il nous explique plus en détail le fonctionnement de la vente de données en ligne avec google, facebook et apple. Nous sommes également entrés en contact avec des membres de différents partis politiques québécois peu connus afin de connaître leur position sur différents sujets. Cette semaine est notre dernière a regent park focus, nous avons vécu des expériences extraordinaire, rencontrer des gens super sympathique et appris plusieurs choses. Pour nous, le groupe 3, nous sommes très reconnaissant et recommandons amplement ce programme! This week, we hosted a radio show on online data protection. So we got in touch with a man who worked in this area to explain more about how online sales of data works with Google, Facebook and Apple. We also got in touch with members of various less known Quebec

Legal Aid Convention and Radio Show on Technology

This week at Regent Park Focus was very productive! We edited a lot of the footage we got from the Legal Aid Convention and board meetings. We are still continuing to edit and finish the feature before summer comes to an end. We also had our radio show that focused on the technology of the future and the positive and negative impacts that it could potentially have. We had Danny Nolivos who spoke about the dark web which got a bit eerie, but definitely interesting! We also had Christian Waddell (a.k.a Pants) who is the best Virtual Reality gamer in the world! He spoke a lot about VR and AR, his experience with it, and how he thinks it will benefit the future. We spoke about TV show, Black Mirror and how it does a good representation of how the future can potentially look like. Looking forward to finishing up the Legal Aid film and the last week at Regent Park Focus. Date: August 9, 2019 Name: Elise Ardizzi

French Radio Show on Lesser-known Political Parties in Quebec

Pour la dernière émission de radio, nous avons parlé des partis politiques québécois méconnus. Nous sommes entrés en contact avec un membre du Bloc Pot, un parti qui veut la décriminalisation du cannabis, un membre du parti Marxiste Léniniste, un parti qui veut  faire respecter les droits des travailleurs québécois, et un membre du parti Citoyens au Pouvoir, un parti qui souhaite que le système québécois devienne comme le système suisse, beaucoup plus démocratique. Nous avons également parlé quelque temps du parti culinaire, du parti communiste et du parti nul. For the last radio show, we talked about the unknown political parties in Quebec. We got in touch with a member of the Bloc Pot, a party that wants to decriminalize cannabis, a member of the Marxist Leninist party, a party that wants to uphold the rights of Quebec workers, and a member of the Citizens in Power Party, a party that wants the Quebec system to become like the Swiss system, much more democratic. We also talked for

Catch da Flava - Gender Inequality

Our fifth radio show on Catch Da Flava was taken over by myself, Vanessa. I kicked the other guys out to have an all girls show (with Matthew Avolio coming in as a later guest) with my fellow girls. I had Minerva Navasca and Lorena Florea with me from 11 am to 12 pm to spill the tea. Opening with Run the World by Beyoncé, our conversation started off hot with discussions about the inequality of how women have to constantly buy products for periods when men get condoms for free. We also discussed false information about periods, how the blame is often heavily placed on the woman when accidental pregnancies happen, and the statement “women who wear revealing clothing are asking to get raped”. After listening to 7 Rings by Ariana Grande, we continued our conversation with Matthew to provide a guy voice during our ranting. We discussed cat calling, men commenting about women and guys playing the victim when being rejected by a girl. With a quick break to Demi Lovato’s Confident, w

Catch da Flava - Income Inequality

This week on our radio show, we talked about Income Inequality, with special guests Laura McDonough and David Hulchanski. We decided to message them specifically to see if they would come on our show because Laura is a United Way researcher and David is a UofT professor, and both are very informed on the topic and talk about it daily in their workplaces. We discussed topics revolving around what problems they face, residential segregation, the Gini coefficient, and many more. We also looked at the different incomes communities have had over the years. We found that in 1980, there were five very low-income neighborhoods in Toronto and in 2015, the number grew to 88. Overall, it was a very interesting topic to handle and think about. Laura and David told us that they had previously worked together combatting income inequality, which made the radio show even better and made it run much more smoothly. Next week we plan on talking about Skin Bleaching and the effects it has had on peopl

French Radio Show - Quebec Religious Symbol Bans

Today was an exciting day! We had the opportunity to visit Yonge Dundas Square to create a Vox Pop with the residents of Toronto. We asked them a series of questions about the new law passed in Quebec which bans public workers in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols. We also asked them about the changes that were made to O’ Canada in 2018. Aujourd'hui était une journée passionnante! Nous avons eu l’occasion de visiter Yonge Dundas Square pour enregistrer un Vox Pop avec les habitants de Toronto. Nous leur avons posé une série de questions sur la nouvelle loi adoptée au Québec, qui interdit aux fonctionnaires occupant des postes d'autorité de porter des symboles religieux. Nous leur avons également demandé quelles modifications avaient été apportées à O ’Canada en 2018.

Catch da Flava - Travel and Tourism, The Good, The Bad, The Dirty - Group: #2 – Blog #5

This week at Regent Park Focus was very productive. We visited the Legal Aid Clinic and interviewed the staff members to get their opinions on the legal aid cuts that Doug Ford is implementing. We learned that this will, unfortunately, impact low-income individuals putting them at even more risk of homelessness, jail and to be hospitalized. Ultiumatley this will cost the government more in the end. We also went to a rally on Tuesday to film and interview individuals who have used the legal aid services, and also staff memebers who are being effected by these cuts as well. The footage we got of everyone was very good and now starting to edit and sync the audio in the lab. We are super excited to see how the final video comes out! We also had our radio show on Wednesday. Our topic of discussion was "Travel and Tourism, the good, the bad, the dirty". We had Nino Ace as our guest who is a professional traveller, having travelled to 36 countries and 6 continents. We were ver

Recap RPTV, Catch da Flava

This week, we filmed the last episode of the “Lloyd Show”. Meeting Lloyd was an interesting experience and for it to come to an end is a little bit sad as we will miss working with him. In this episode, Lloyd interviewed a friend of his, Ines, who talked about what stores she thinks should be put up in Regent Park and etc. Overall, the scenery was a nice touch to the video, and we’ll surely be coming again to film or take photos. Besides the show, we also conducted our fourth radio show, talking about Eating Disorders with two special guests from NEDIC. They talked about signs to look out for and what to do if you know someone is dealing with the problem. It was very educational and we hope our listeners enjoyed it just as much as we did. Listen to Podcast: In the end, it was an easy-going week. Next week, we plan on focusing on just editing the videos now that we’ve finished filming altogether.