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Radio Regent Holiday Party

On December 26th, the Regent Park Focus staff and Radio Regent programmers got together to formally meet each other and celebrate all the achievements of 2012. Each radio programmer shared stories of how they felt about their new home at Radio Regent. Most radio programmers were formally hosts on CKLN88.1FM. Everyone was pleased to be a part of Radio Regent (a new internet radio station based in Regent Park) and gave mention to how much they look forward to the future of the radio station. Much thanks was given to the support staff and volunteers at Regent Park Focus that help keep Radio Regent running. It was a fun night and a great way to wrap up the year of 2012! Haven't heard of Radio Regent? Come check us out at

ChemTRAC: Toronto's TOXIC Businesses

We continue to work on getting information about how toxic chemicals affect people and their body, their home and their workplace. This time Regent Park Focus got together with Toronto Public Health's ChemTRAC program. ChemTRAC aims to improve public health and support a green local economy by reducing toxic chemicals in our environment. December 10 2012, Toronto Public Health representatives, community health corkers and environmentally conscious residents of Toronto gathered around in a room at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) to have a further talk about the ChemTRAC program.  After a history lesson on how ChemTRAC came to be, the morning meeting was focused on the ChemTRAC website; where Toronto residents, can get information on the types of businesses that operate in their communities that may be emitting toxic chemicals in the air they breathe. On the website residents can find information on the types of chemica

Divas - "You Are What You Eat" Intro

This week December 7th, to start off the Diva's program, faculty members asked the girls if they knew the difference between healthy and unhealthy food chooses. That question was followed by a variety of other questions that led to today's activity. The Diva Girls were excited to learned that they were going to be apart of a new project called "You Are What You Eat". Too add to the girls excitement about this project, they were happy to learn they would be using a program called PhotoVoice that they have never used before. Regent Park Focus and the Centre for Additions and Mental Health better known as CAMH teamed up for this project. "You Are What You Eat" was designed to show the youth within the community the connections of healthy eating and mental health. The purpose of the project is to show adolescents that the food chooses they make can have a huge impact in their life's both mentally and physically. This project will be continued on unti