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Be Scene Magazine Celebrates the Launch of its latest issue - Rebellion

Be Scene Youth have just finished launching Rebellion Issue. It is the 6th issue in Be Scene’s History. Rebellion features some amazing creative writing and a graffiti photoessay against the backdrop of a rebellious layout design. Of course, what does it all mean anyway, “rebellious”? Well, you will have to check out the zine for that. Copies are around at Regent Park Focus, Flemo Health Centre and TNO’s Youth centre. It is coming to more places around Flemo Park, T-Park and O’Connor communities soon. In the meantime, get your digital copy here . At the latest event this past Thursday with about 25 people at TNO’s youth centre, we distributed the fresh copies, got together for some food, had lots of fun and joined Making Noise! Gender Violence and Community Accountability Media Project (GVCAMP) and TNO’s VOICES. Making Noise! is an initiative of Urban Alliance for Race Relations. VOICES is a young women’s group that meet every Thursday at TNO’s Youth Centre. Ashley Alexis McFar

Drug Awareness Week!

Regent Park Focus and the 2011 Drug Awareness program has started. This year is we collaborated with Sprucecourt Public School and it has allowed students to not only develop knowledge and awareness about drugs but also expand on their creativity. The aim of the program is to inspire local schools such as Sprucecourt to engage students in learning more about drugs using participatory arts based approach. The program aims to promote awareness of the negative harms associated with drug abuse to students living and attending school in the Regent Park community. Similar to previous, we started the program with a school assembly featuring a panel presentation of speakers who talked about their experiences dealing with drugs, which was held on January 6th, 2011. Motivational panel speakers included familiar guests such as; Cpl. Heather Dickonson who is from the RCMP Toronto West and is the Detachment Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Coordinator. Addiction Therapist Andrew G