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Thursday Animation

Thursday January 30 th was another long awaited session of the animation programming and the reveal of the highly anticipated houses that show how each member has grown as animators. We also had new members join the program beginning their first assignment by building a tree and playing with the program to make new creations at the youth's ability and imagination. The staff watched as the youth spent their hour and a half of programming laughing and enjoying their creations as well as trouble shooting issues such as an unwanted hole in the roof of their houses. The staff asked each youth to tell a story about their creation and why they made it the way they did, giving the youths a chance to explore further into their imagination. The staff watched and enjoyed the creative genius and stories unfold in front of them, giving us the front row seat to a show you need to see to believe. - Corrina Richard

Catch da Flava Radio Kicks off 2014 with a Re-cap of 2013 Events

On January 14, 2014 - I joined Isaac, Tyrone, and Omar to look back at the events that occurred during 2013 and the impact that it had on the world. We opened the show by commemorating the life of Nelson Mandela. It was a tragic day when the world's known activist/politician/philanthropist and all around leader passed away. Even though his life ended, his message will live on forever inspiring people to treat others with kindness and to never stray away from anything less than promoting equality. Another issue that we touched upon was the death of Trayvon Martin, and the court ruling that acquitted George Zimmerman of Martin's death. Many were left outraged feeling that there was no justice, while others agreed with the court ruling. Some of the views of the members of the radio show believed that he was racially profiled. One issue that personally through me off was when we talked about Edward Snowden. Edward was a former CIA and NSA employee that leaked documents pert

Divas Discuss what New Topics to Cover

On Friday January 10th, 2014 The Divas girls Group meeting started off by discussing the different holidays and events that will be occurring during the month of February. The Divas brainstormed and all agreed that there were three main areas which they would like to focus on: Valentines day, Family day, and Black history month. When asked what Valentines day meant to the Divas, a majority came to the agreed upon conclusion that it mainly focused around spending an excessive amount of money on chocolate and cards. Since our society believes in an implemented theme of material goods to show appreciation towards one specific Valentine, we wanted to bring back the roots of what Valentines day should be like. It was important to discuss the different types of relationships that can also be celebrated. Instead of just focusing on the obvious relationship with a "significant other", It was mentioned that the Divas can also celebrate with: siblings, friends or best friends (a