Catch da Flava - Veganism VS Meat Eaters

On this weeks radio show we had a discussion about Lifestyle (Veganism Vs Meat Eaters). We
had our guests Stephan, Raymondo & Diego speak about their experiences and the different
lifestyles they live. On the vegan side we had Elise and Stephan and on the meat-eater side we
had Raymondo and Diego. Both sides had GREAT arguments but its still unsolved as to which
lifestyle is better. Elise Ardizzi hosted this week's show. I (Xavier Ricketts) and Minerva
Navasca did the technical work for the show. Overall I enjoyed it this week and I look forward to
my last radio show next week!!!

Listen to Podcast:

Date: August 14, 2019
Name: Xavier Ricketts


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