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March Break Program - 2015

On Monday the 16th of March our March break program began. Orientation began with some ice breakers, such as two truths one lie, in which each of us had to guess which statement was the truth and which was the lie. We then moved on to demonstrations on how to setup the cameras and tripods, work the mics, and how to conduct an interview. Tuesday the 17th of March we did a little review of the orientation that we went over on Monday regarding how to work the equipment. We worked with the youth to develop interview questions around their project of the Pan Am games, and completed off site filming to get interviews of the different opinions people have about the Pan Am games. The youths of the program setup the equipment and chose filming locations around the Ryerson campus, and were very engaged and enthusiastic about the process. They worked past their fears and each participated equally, taking turns on the camera, doing the interviewing and engaging the public to partake in our i

Diva Girls - Media and How it Affects Our Lives

Today, was another fun day at Diva Girls. We warmed up by playing a few weird games such as naming our favorite brands in alphabetical order?! However, after that we went straight to work in developing more detailed plans for our first show, which was about Media. A quirky script was created and discussions were made as the room was filled with excitement. We had a few deep talks about how media really affects our lives, and even created a pros and cons list compiling examples for each. Were super exited to start filming our show and for everyone to watch it when it comes out!

Diva Girls - Friday 6th March

Today, our Diva Girls group was filled with laughter and smiles as us girls talked about our upcoming shows. We discussed ideas for the three shows which are going to be filmed soon. Some idea's were about the Media and how it is a big influence in our every day lives. Other ideas such as having a cooking show was also brought up. We mentioned a ton of great healthy alternatives for a easy to make snack. A new member to our group was also brought up and we welcomed her with open arms. While munching on some yummy food amazing suggestions for the shows were made, but they are a secret. You'll just have to wait t'll our shows come out to find out!

Girls Talk Show - Brainstorming

Today we talked about our exciting new upcoming show ideas. We worked hard on coming up with ideas and brainstorming for new Girls talk videos. The girls are incredibly excited to start the filming, so right now our main focus is to finish pre-production and script writing so that we can get started! Some of the show ideas consisted of Medias impact on our youth, a no-bake cooking show and maybe even some singing! We will keep you posted, so stay connected and keep an eye out. By: Mellissa Hum

Catch da Flava - "The Dress"

Tonight on Catch Da Flava the crew had a more laid back show where we cover the local and international news as well as the latest on the social media airwaves. Including the dress which took the social media by storm, creating international debate among millions. Is it gold and white or black and blue? Hosted by Tiphaine, Judd, Stephanie and some input from Tyrone.To hear more and catch up on past shows be sure to check us out on