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Catch Da Flava - Transgendered Issues in Canada with Rachel Lauren Clark

This week on Catch Da Flava crew met with Rachel Lauren Clark (an LGBT advocate/activist) talks about transgendered issues in Canada. Rachel talked her views on Canada’s supports for the LGBT community as opposed to other places as well as discussed her involvement in the LGBT community and the rights of the LGBT. To find out more and catch up on past shows be sure to check us out on

Catch da Flava - Queer Spirits Film Fest

The Catch Da Flava Crew came together once again Evening news where the crew touched on topics of the TDSB, Shelbi Chase and more, We had a call in interview where we discussed the "Queer Spirits Film Fest '15" as well as sat down with Robert and a discussion about copyright laws. This week’s show was hosted by Judd, Karrisa, Amita and Tiphaine so you know you’re in for a treat. Don’t Forget to tune into Catch Da Flava live every Tuesday 2 6-7pm.If you missed out on the show be sure to listen to this and many others on

Valentino- Grams!

We opened the meeting with a check in talking about school and how our weeks were going. Everyone was relatively stressed about tests and exams so we were all incredibly excited that it was Friday and we finally got to sit down and talk. We continued to work on our candy grams for our Valentines Day fundraiser. Needless to say the girls worked incredibly hard on all of the hand made notes attached to the little bags. We filled them up with cute sayings and pictures and afterwards we started to put in the heart shaped lollipops and yummy chocolates.  We had so much fun making them and in the end they came out exactly how we had imagined. The girls and I were so proud of the final product and we are so excited to get the chance to do the fundraiser so we can in turn have a little more money for many of our exciting future projects. We ended the night by walking to the Regent Park aquatic center to put up one of the wonderful flyers the divas had made.  All in all it was a very creative,

LANND TV - imagineNative

We had the great privilege to have one of the board of directors from imagineNATIVE come in and speak on their behalf. Andre Morriseau, once a manager, still a comedian and an overall delightful human being talked about his background as an aboriginal, brief experience of being in a residential school and the amazing work he and his staff do in the imagineNATIVE film and media arts festival. A brief note on what is imagineNATIVE comes directly from their website,, " Since our first Festival in 2000, the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival has programmed film, VIDEO, radio and new media works made by Canadian and international Indigenous media artists in key creative roles as producers, directors, and/or writers. In programming these works over the years, imagineNATIVE has embraced works from Indigenous creators that push artistic boundaries to represent a diversity of ideas, themes and genres in our programming, seeking representations of subjects that woul