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Youth Talk - RPTV

Today, we had our interview for Youth Talk on RPTV. We had a guest named Gursharan a researcher from CAMH come in and discuss her position as well as Mental Health as a whole and the stigmas and steriotypes surrounding mental health as well. Omar interviewed her and got the chance to talk about his own views and expierences with mental health and he helped Gursharan debunk some of the steriotypes and stimags that cause people to not feel comfortable and seek help when dealing with mental health issues. Over all it was an incredible opportunity to learn and educate and gave us the chance to really take a deeper look at mental illness as a whole and understand that so many people deal with mental health issues on a daily basis and need that support so that they feel safe and comfortable seeking assistance. It’s important to create a safe space and really tackle issues head on, we all need help sometimes and this episode makes it clear that you are not alone and that there is help out t

Regent Park Focus AGM

On the 24th of April we had our annual AGM meeting for the years of 2012 and 2013. The meeting consisted of board members voting on the highlighted key issues as well as the budgets and the steps for the upcoming year. Members of the Board and Regent Park Focus Youth and Media Arts Centre were also recognized for their efforts and hard work they put into the current success of Regent Park Focus. The meeting also served as a platform to welcome and nominate new members to the board. By: Karrisa Davis

La Francophonie (French Show) Wrap Up

I’m here since 3 months and today is my last day and the last episode of my French TV Show “La francophonie”! Today my guest was Arthur, a young men of 27 years old who come from Ivory Coast and since 2006 he lives in Montreal. But now, since 8 months he lives in Toronto and works in financial area. He came in Toronto to discover a new culture and a new English-speaking city, to join some members of his family and also, to gain more opportunities about jobs. It was a great last episode because, it was really different than others. Indeed, is the first guest who doesn't come from France so, his experience was really interesting and unlike the others, he means that Toronto is a great city but he prefers Montreal for several reasons including good atmosphere and a kind of social side. I loved create my own TV show during these 2 weeks, share and discover many experiences, meet many people and especially become a youth producer ! This experience was really unique. I l

La Francophonie (French Show)

Since one week I create my own French TV Show, this TV show is about experiences of French people who come in Toronto. The goal is to share several experiences and to know the different reasons why french people immigrate here! So, today I produce my second episode of my TV Show ! It was amazing. Indeed, during my first episode I was little stressed and I lost the way of my interview because it was the first time. But, this time was better because I was more comfortable with the topic, the question and with the guest.   My guest was Tresor Otshudi, a french singer and guitar player from Paris, in France, but since 2014, he lives in Toronto. His music style is a mix between R&B and Ndombolo (a kind of African music) and he works between Paris and Toronto to perform his concerts. His last performance was on March 20th at Toronto Police Headquarters to celebrate the Francophone Week. This experience allowed me to meet many people and to demonstrate leadership as youth

Catch da Flava - Put Food in The Budget Campaign

Tonight’s show hosted by Stephanie, Kaylin and Judd covered the local news and featured guests Mike Balkwill and Angela Hatala, campaign organizers who are a part of the Put Food in The Budget Campaign. If you would like to find out more about Put Food in The Budget you can visit and Don’t Forget to tune into Catch Da Flava live every Tuesday 2 6-7pm.If you missed out on the show be sure to listen to this and many others on