Legal Aid Convention and Radio Show on Technology

This week at Regent Park Focus was very productive! We edited a lot of the footage we got from the Legal Aid Convention and board meetings. We are still continuing to edit and finish the feature before summer comes to an end.

We also had our radio show that focused on the technology of the future and the positive and negative impacts that it could potentially have. We had Danny Nolivos who spoke about the dark web which got a bit eerie, but definitely interesting! We also had Christian Waddell (a.k.a Pants) who is the best Virtual Reality gamer in the world! He spoke a lot about VR and AR, his experience with it, and how he thinks it will benefit the future. We spoke about TV show, Black Mirror and how it does a good representation of how the future can potentially look like.

Looking forward to finishing up the Legal Aid film and the last week at Regent Park Focus.

Date: August 9, 2019
Name: Elise Ardizzi


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