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Divas Girls - Music Program!

The diva girls participated in a music session with Andrew and Will, they got the chance to remix original songs which included Clocks by Cold Play and Telephone by Lady GaGa. Over the last few weeks the girls have really enjoyed working with Andrew and Will and have found a new love for both music and creating music. The girls have become amazing at using Garage Band and over all have learned so much from this experience. Getting the chance to be apart of building and creating has really encouraged them to continue to use their creativity in a positive, safe outlet. We at Regent Park Focus would like to thank William and Andrew so much for all of their hard work, we had so much fun participating and learning!!!! By: Mellissa Hum

Divas - Girls Talk "Draw my Life" First Generation Imigrant Stories

Today we filmed our first Girls Talk show in the studio. Prior to the filming, the girls interviewed their families and friends about their experiences as first-generation immigrants. Most of the girls were born in Canada. Some came at an early age and can barely remember their first day in this new country. Therefore, getting to know how people feel when they first arrived, what motivated them to start a new life here and the difficulties they encountered would enable the girls to look at things from a different perspective. For the first part of the show, we created a short "draw my life" video on the story of the first-generation immigrants in Canada. The girls then discussed some of their findings from the interviewing process. It was the first time they filmed a TV show in the studio, and they were very excited. We hope that you would like it and the other two winter shows that are coming up on RPTV! By: Dan Cai

Diva's Girls Group - Garage Band Workshops and Games

We opened up with telling each other spooky stories we had heard through out the week. We then went on to talk about fan theories about some of our favourite child hood shows like the Rugrats and Spongebob Squarepants. We then played a game of two truths and one lie with Will and Andrew. The girls had a great time getting to know more about them. Afterwards we brought it back into the Media Lab where we continued to create awesome beats on Garage Band. The girls got to jam out to some of their previous tunes and create new ones. Instead of using prerecorded sounds they got to create their own from the ground up. Using the keyboards they created tunes from instruments on Garage Band. After the session with Will and Andrew they got to create a mini show and tell. Everyone loved hearing their one of a kind songs and over all we all had a great time.