Catch da Flava - Travel and Tourism, The Good, The Bad, The Dirty - Group: #2 – Blog #5

This week at Regent Park Focus was very productive. We visited the Legal Aid Clinic and interviewed the staff members to get their opinions on the legal aid cuts that Doug Ford is implementing. We learned that this will, unfortunately, impact low-income individuals putting them at even more risk of homelessness, jail and to be hospitalized. Ultiumatley this will cost the government more in the end. We also went to a rally on Tuesday to film and interview individuals who have used the legal aid services, and also staff memebers who are being effected by these cuts as well. The footage we got of everyone was very good and now starting to edit and sync the audio in the lab. We are super excited to see how the final video comes out!

We also had our radio show on Wednesday. Our topic of discussion was "Travel and Tourism, the good, the bad, the dirty". We had Nino Ace as our guest who is a professional traveller, having travelled to 36 countries and 6 continents. We were very knowledgable in this topic, making our show a success! 

Looking forward to editing our video more next week, and preparing for our radio show based on "The Dark Web".

Date: August 2, 2019
Name: Elise Ardizzi


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