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CBC Hits Regent Park

As part of its profile of various neighborhoods in Toronto, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC)came down to Regent Park on October 29 to do a radio show on the revitalization process. Specifically the radio show focused on how it would effect the youth. Regent Park Focus was asked by CBC to participate in producing our own radio broadcast and myself and fellow youth discussed the revitalization from a youth perspective. A group of us including myself were also invited to do a live panel discussion speaking on various issues including "mixed -income housing", "negative stereotypes" and people's expectation on the revitalization of Regent Park. Overall my participation on the radio show was an awesome experience and I enjoyed working with Canada's largest media corporation! By Onik Khan

Radio Show on Banning the Niqab

On tonight's Catch da Flava radio show we talked about the proposed banning of the Niqab or Burqa. The Niqab is a gown-like garment that covers the head. The radio show focused on how Muslims felt about the issue. We examined some facts that showed that the Niqab is a part of Islam. Tarak Fatah of the Muslim Canadian Congress opposes it. Some of the challenges that we faced when producing the show was we didn't have enough information. Some of the questions and answers had to be improvised during the show. Oh well that's what talk radio is about sometimes. The October 20, 2009 Catch da Flava radio show on Banning the Burqa was hosted by Amer, Bipu and Ishtiaque. Listen Here!