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LANND TV Production Begins!

On November 27th the youth from council fire finished production in their first episode of LANND TV with the topic on Residential Schools. Throughout the production of this episode it was very clear that the youth were deeply invested with the creation of the video. Even though the youth have very little experience in front and behind the camera, they gave it their all and pulled through. There were times of laughter, excitement, anxiousness due to changes in scripts, cancellation  of guest lecturers and even general silliness as well while working inside a room that can be an oven part time. However in the end we had a great opportunity to  have a guest lecturer on our show to talk about her experiences and stories of residential schooling and her opinions on the future affects of it on the youth. All in all, it was a great time the youth shared with each other in the creation of the show.

Divas Girls Group - Talk Show Prep

Today’s session was very touching. We started off talking about shows we were going to produce in the future. When Dan was telling us about what we’ll be doing for the how, there was special excitement in the room. I for one have never done a talk show before and that’s why I’m really looking forward to this project. Next, we go active and played a game called, “Race of Privilege.” In the game we closed our eyes and listened to Ashley’s question. Whenever a question applied to us, we would either take a step forward or backward. There was candy waiting for us at the finish line so we were all eager to reach the end. When the game was over we discussed what the real purpose of the game. The ones who were closest to the front, you can say had it “easy in life. Very few factors, including their race interfered with their progress. Even though some of us were farther than others, in the end I think it doesn’t matter. Difficulties experienced because of one’s race don’t have to de