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Last Friday is Back! (April 2011)

M.C Michele and Adonis start the show

Regent Park Focus House Band represent as usual at every Last Friday

Siblings Loyal and Layia perform and support each other

The Mammal arrives at Last Friday and youth involved in the Mammal project speak at Last Friday

Ruth Mathiang and Amelia LeClair perform a duet
 Ruth Royes and band member perform a soulful jazz set
 Youth involved in creating the Mammal give a speech at Last Friday
 Young dancers from the Regent Park community put on a surprise performance
 Preparing the Mammal the Mobile Media Lab before entering Last Friday

Regent Park Staff and volunteers at Last Friday!

Last Fridays is back! Thanks to Daniels Corporation, we are able to bring back Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre’s Last Fridays event for the next 3 months. Our April Last Friday was a success! We had an array of diverse young talent who performed at 246 Sackville. As always we provided free food and drinks. It was delicious. The Regent Park Focus House Band opene…

Media Lab is HOOKED UP

Our new media lab has been running for a few months now, and just recently, we were outfitted with new MACS. We're trying to get the ol' Adobe programs running on them, but for now they have Word. The Catch Da Flava Environmental issue is still in the process of being printed, but we are already working on new ideas for the next issue, which will hopefully come out in the summer, after the Luminato festival. It will be a special Luminato-based issue, with a strong emphasis on the arts and its connection with multiculturalism.

Divas Program Student Feedback

Hi, my name is Fazeela and I am one of the students in the Divas girls program and I am in grade 8 and I go to Lord Dufferin Public School. Here at the diva girls’ program we support each other and share are ideas. Diva girls is all about learning new things and having fun.

At the Divas girls program we do different activities every week, and each activity has a lesson to it. Like one of the previous activity that we did, was based on our community witch made me realize how lucky I am to have a great and giving community.

Another week at the dive girls we had a guess come in and teach us about healthy living. She also thought us what we need to live a clean and healthy life. She also thought us how we all should interact with each other. She also thought us what kind of food our body needs to live a long a healthy life.

Just like these two activities that we did, every week we do different activities like cooking, tai dia, healthy living, our community and many more. They also provide…

Divas - Healthy Eating / Cooking

Lesson: Healthy Eating/Cooking

Hey my name is Alyssa, I’m a placement student from George Brown College, and one of the programs I had to run was the Healthy Eating & Cooking class. On April 1, 2011, the staff and the placement students took the kids’ to the community center to use the kitchen to make smoothie & mini pizza. We divided the girls’ into three groups to make the mini pizza by vegetarian pizza, pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza. The girls’ took turn to share the toppings; next, while the mini pizza was cooking, I started to make the strawberry & banana smoothie for the girls’ to drink while they are eating the pizza they created. The program went good, all the girls’ who participated in the activities enjoyed the program we held for them on April 1, 2011. They learned by eating a variety of foods and a balanced diet is one that includes all the food groups. In other words, have foods from every color, ever day.