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RPTV News: Profiling Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)

Last month for Regent Park TV News, we went over to The Centre for Social innovation to find out more information about this community organization. Our host Josh Robinson had the opportunity to interview Lissette Rosado Ferrari who works with CSI and was kind enough to explain how the organization functions and how the community can get involved. Lisesette explained that CSI is just over a year old and it is already home to over 60 organizations that benefit the local and broader community. One of their larger initiatives is DECA (Desk Exchange Community Animator) that allows people to volunteer one day a week at one of the locations in exchange for full membership at CSI including their own workspace. I addition to the DECA program the community can also get involved by being an online community member or The Agents of Change Program which pics a winner who receives free space for their initiative within CSI.

Connecting Theory To Practice: An in-depth look at the topics covered in the RadioZilla Project

Regent Park Focus recently completed a collaborative project with RadioZilla along with Facing History and students from the Toronto District School Board to create insightful, intelligent and meaningful radio documentaries. Facing History and Ourselves' mission is to engage students of diverse backgrounds to examine the contemporary perspective of youth on race, prejudice, and antisemitism in order to promote the development of a more informed and humane society. They use the power that teachers have in the classroom to connect young people to Canada's multicultural identity and how to be an active citizen in a democracy. The student groups examined a wide range of topics in their radio documentaries including: religion, upstanders vs. bystanders and life as a refugee. Religious freedom and expression can be a contentious subject within school environments and is often an issue that youth face as they mature and develop into young adulthood. The group from Radiozilla d

Christian Resource Centre and Nerd to Nerd TV Show

Today the youth split off into their groups as usual, some of which were editing while the others recorded in the studio.  The group “TBD” (To be determined) went out to do film a new cast at the Christian Resource Centre (CRC) at 40 Oak Street. In the afternoon “NLLB” (Next Level Lego Bricks) recorded their Nerd to Nerd TV Show, a show based around tech/game review, and Sci-fi debates. By: Tresvonne Rose-Wilson

2014 Summer Program: Radio Editing

Today the youth pretty much did more editing on their radio interviews, which flowed into the afternoon. Later in the day the youth split into the regular groups, some of which recorded their radio shows in the two recording studios. It was a busy day, mainly comprised of audio editing. By: Tresvonne Rose-Wilson

Inspirit: Interfaith Dialogue with Matt and Luca

Today started off with a recap of yesterdays video workshop. Afterwards the youth got their first hands on experience with the television studio. We recorded our first studio show of the summer program that starred 2 guest film producers Matt and Luca, for an episode of Interfaith Dialogue. They spoke about their documentary on a priest that is also a rock-star. Afterwards we were visited by a radio alumni representative, Onik, who shared with us his experience with Focus and the opportunities it presents to young people. He gave an inspiring speech on how the skills he attained here helped him with his speaking skills and added something very unique to his resume. We ended the day with a workshop on brainstorming radio topics and a tour of the radio booth where the youth will begin recording shortly. By: Tresvonne Rose-Wilson

Summer Program Begins!

Today marked the start of the Regent Park Focus 2014 summer program. The centre was filled with new, young faces all eager to learn about the media arts. Once everyone learned names and got settled in, the youth were toured around radio and T.V. studios.   At noon Emanuel held a video equipment workshop teaching everybody the basics of how to use a video camera, and how to set up a tripod. After that he covered the basic core camera angles which lead into the first field test: a video scavenger hunt. Lastly the youth were showed an animated short on street interviewing techniques which covered getting over the anxiety of talking to strangers. They also learned the appropriate way to approach a person with questions and to be aware of ones body language when interviewing people.