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Regent Park Focus wishes everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Regent Park has accomplished a lot in 2010 and throughout the years. With our move to a new location in the New Year, we are continuing on the same journey to help youth make a movement using the arts to help youth stay focused, inspiring other youth and communities and develop an identity for themselves in creative ways.

Photography Groups

Regent Park Focus After-school Photography Program In October 2010 Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre began offering after-school photography programs for children and youth in the area. The 12 week program was a partnership between Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre and the Gerrard Kiwanis Club and was offered Mondays through Thursdays and involved four different groups of youth. All the program sessions were facilitated by Nick Kozak, a professional photographer conducting a year long residency program at Regent Park Focus.  As Regent Park is in the midst of re-development the focus of the work revolved around  photographing the changing neighborhood. The following is a description of the programs that were offered. Mondays Sessions at Regent Park Focus   Each Monday a group of 6 to 10 children met at Regent Park Focus to learn some basic tips on camera use as well as receive instructions on focus and composition. Students were also shown examples of documentary a

Photography at Focus!

Photography at Focus is really amazing. Although some people would exaggerate the prestige of programs, take it from me, a student of Nick Kozak, who attended his photography workshop at Regent Park Focus 2 years in a row. Nick has taught me a lot and it sparked my career to become a photographer. The first year I joined because my best friend's aunt asked me if I'd like to and I did. The workshop lasted months, and my photos were entered into a contest and although my group was the smallest out of the 17 in total, (One member from each group could make it into the finals, but only 10 could make it) and although my 2 other members were very capable. I got lucky and won myself a camera as a top ten finalist. I still have this camera today, and I've learned a lot, and I even have a job with a private company right now. All in all, some people may like the program, some people might not, but you'll never know until you try. -William Kuan