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Summer Photography

Summer Photography: Week 6 We started week six of the photography program with the youth from k-club by editing photos in the computer lab that we had taken last week. As the summer program was coming to an end we went out and shot lots of photos of Regent Park. The youth got some really good final project shots including a family outside their home with a “Think about the children” sign in their front window. The last part of week six was spent on going through and editing photos in Lightroom. To start week six with Dixon hall we talked about what in Regent Park we hadn’t yet photographed. We talked about each kids best photos, in relation to interest of subject, composition and lighting. Last, the kids went out and shot in two separate groups and came back and uploaded their photos onto the computers. The Focus Girls Group started by uploading the photos they had taken the last couple of weeks. They got some really good shots of their family that could definately be used for the fina