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Divas Girls Group and The Jam!

This week the Diva Girls participated in activities they helped in putting together. A few of the games the girls brainstormed included Wink Murder, Heads-Up-7-Up and a game where all the girls had to remain silent. If you spoke and or laughed, you were out. The girls thoroughly enjoyed this session, for weeks they have been asking for another "play day" so I was happy to oblige because they've been working really well together during the previous workshops in these past few weeks. On another note, it was the last Friday of the month so The Jam took place. We escorted the girls who were interested in attending the event to the Daniel Spectrum Centre where it was held. The girls had fun watching the skit and performances and after the performances, we ensured the girls arrived home safely. All in all, this was a fun and eventful week. R.T. Mujuzi

November 2012 CatchdaFlava radio crew blog...

Not to get mushy over our ‘CatchdaFlava’ radio blog, I think it’s fair to say that we have grown fond of each other over the year and created great friendship both professionally and personally. Our attendance continued to increase with consistency. In addition, our participation level is off the chains due to the confidence level, enthusiasm, the energy, and the sense of humour the youth has shown while in the radio session. They are attacking the microphone and the soundboard with great finesse and conviction inside the radio room! This is what the youth radio program is all about. I am so proud! But anyhow, without further ado, our November radio topics! Of course we have to talk about Rob Ford monthly or even weekly, because he is always the Toronto Local news. Rob Ford once again filled the News Media because of his hilarity and eccentricity we may say he's our "Village Idiot". This month he was involved in the TTC squabble with regards to his football team requir

Boyz 2 Men - Nov 29th 2012

This week, the Boyz to Men program had a very enthusiastic day. This week the boys were excited because they were reunited with their first program facilitator Jerry. This week the boys participated in many group activities. The first game they played was called "Group Juggle". The objective of the game was for the boys to be able to pass a ball around in the circle using their legs to their peers. At first it was tricky, but finally the boys got the hang of it and were able to pass it around in the circle without dropping it. Jerry decided to challenge the boys, he asked them to close their eyes and pass it to their peers, you were only allowed to open your eyes once you passed the ball off. The purpose of closing their eyes was to teach the boys not only teamwork ship but to enhance trust in one another. Next on the agenda the boys played a game called "Variations on Chairs". The objective of the game was to have one chair less than the amount of peopl

Divas - Role Models

This week, the diva girls got the opportunity to participate in a discussion around what qualities someone would have to possess in order for them to be considered a role model. The girls spoke about people in their lives that have given them a positive perspective on the challenges life has to offer and they expressed their gratitude when presenting their role models to the rest of the group. The ladies that didn't have a role model got the opportunity to explore and express the qualities that someone would have to possess in order for them to be considered a role model. Some girls listed the qualities while others drew pictures with captions illustrating what their expectations were for any future role model candidates.    Also, I would like to add that the girls had a lot of fun participating in a new activity called "Murder Wink" that involved participation from all the ladies. The girls who were familiar with the game explained the rules and guided those th

Boys to Men - Rolemodel Workshop

On Thursday November 22nd 2012, the Boys to Men program had a very productive and inspirational day. The theme for this week was for the boys to make a poster of who their role model is and why they look up to that person. The boys were told that they could either work on project in groups or individually. All of the boys used the internet to look up pictures of their role models, if they could not find them in the magazine that were provided for this activity. Staff then printed the selected pictures, that the boys used to create their posters.    The boys went on the create very creative and interesting posters. The boys were also expected to explain why they look up to that person.The boys were so focused on their posters, some boys were also very detail oriented they researched more information about their role model, so they could have accurate information on their posters. When all the boys were successfully done with their posters, all the members of the Boys to Men group

Boys to Men - Comic Life Workshop

On Thursday November 15th, 2012 the Boyz to Men program continued working on their posters using Comic Life 2, to define what masculinity is in their own eyes. This week was really exciting we had 2 new members joining us to take part in the Boyz to Men program. Comic Life 2 is a program that is used around the world not only for recreational purposes, but educational purposes too. With Comic Life 2, the users get the opportunity to take their creative ideas to the next level. To start off the program this week, we had a brief discussion with the Boys about if they remember what masculinity is, define it, and explain why they view masculinity that way. The boys were so focused and motivated that they all started their masculinity posters, and successfully completed them in one session of the Boyz to Men program meeting. When all the boys were completely done, the boys got the chance to express themselves, and explain why they designed their poster the way they did. Each

Divas Girls - Media Analysis

Friday, November 9, 2012 -- Media Analysis This week, the diva girls evaluated, analyzed and explored the world that is the media. The girls discussed the effects that the media has on our society, our daily choices and the views we possess about ourselves and others as young women. The girls watched a clip from a documentary called Miss Representation, which was directed by Jennifer S. Newsom, to help broaden their knowledge on just how vast the media has impacted women from all ages and backgrounds. The documentary voices that women are more than what television shows, magazines, commercials and movies have pegged us to be. A short summary of the documentary: "Actress turned filmmaker Jessica C. Newsom studies the obstacles women face in the media and the stereotypes that still define them... Featuring interviews with noted figures in politics (Nancy Pelosi and Condoleeza Rice), news broadcasters (Katie Couric and Rachel Maddow), television actresses (Margaret Cho

Boyz 2 Men - Fitness Interview

Yay! Congratulations, you did it, the boys made it to their last week of their fitness challenge with their trainer Angela. The boys were really sad that the fitness challenge, had come to an end. The Boyz to Men group successfully completed their 4 week fitness challenge without any sore or broken bones. The boys have physically grown, and have improved and have shown so much progression over the past 4 weeks. On the last day Angela put the boys to the test, she quizzed the boys on the how to properly stretch , the proper names of the muscles in the human body, and how to eat healthy. The boys knew every single answer right off the bat, and when one member was stumbling, another group member would come to the rescue, and help out his fellow peer. To wrap everything up the boys as well as Angela were interviewed by Emmanuel the video coordinator. The boys showed true team player qualities from start to finish and really enjoyed themselves, and hope in the near future to participate

Divas - Stop Bullying

This week, the ladies in the diva girls program showcased their acquired knowledge on the things they've learned thus far. The girls competed in a Jeopardy styled competition but before the competition, the girls presented their "Stop Bullying" posters. Each group vocalized their views on why it is wrong and the harmful side effects that can stem from it. After presentations, the girls were split into teams. Each team decided on a group name; The Five Musketeers, The Directioners and The Winners. With a list of categories to choose from, the girls jumped at the chance to showcase their knowledge. With only five minutes to go and two teams tied at first place, a bonus question was asked to break the tie. After multiple hints were given and groans were heard, The Directioners pulled through and solved the bonus question. For their prize, The Directioners received tickets to the movies. As a facilitator, I was pleased to see that the girls remembered the thin