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Catch da Flava Radio - Student Tuition Fees

Hello it’s Jacob from Catch De Flava and on the day of Tuesday January 17th myself, staff member Tyrone, and my friend Jonathan Suen student at Ryerson University did an hour long radio talk show on the issues facing university and college students. We discussed the tuition fees Ryerson University and George Brown College students face paying off individually or with help from their parents. There was the mentioning of the accommodations students must purchase during their studying years such as: textbooks, transportation, residential taxes, student services, and paying off OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) loans. The University of Ryerson and College of George Brown has a huge variety of career programs costing at a range of $3500 to $10,000 per year varying on the level of profession of study. A huge majority of discussion on Ontario lowering the tuition fee or following other country practices such as Germany or Sweden where education is free for students. We also dis