Recap RPTV, Catch da Flava

This week, we filmed the last episode of the “Lloyd Show”. Meeting Lloyd was an interesting experience and for it to come to an end is a little bit sad as we will miss working with him. In this episode, Lloyd interviewed a friend of his, Ines, who talked about what stores she thinks should be put up in Regent Park and etc. Overall, the scenery was a nice touch to the video, and we’ll surely be coming again to film or take photos.

Besides the show, we also conducted our fourth radio show, talking about Eating Disorders with two special guests from NEDIC. They talked about signs to look out for and what to do if you know someone is dealing with the problem. It was very educational and we hope our listeners enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Listen to Podcast:

In the end, it was an easy-going week. Next week, we plan on focusing on just editing the videos now that we’ve finished filming altogether.


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