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Catch da Flava - Uber vs Taxi and Driverless Cars

On tonights Catch Da Flava, we talked about the vaughn car crash that claimed the lives of 4 people including 3 young children. A drunk driver who sped through an intersection and slammed into the van that contained the 3 young children and their grandfather killed them. We also spoke about driverless cars and how they would impact the masses, as well as how they would the taxi industry and other businesses. We touched on the Uber vs Taxi drivers’ fiasco and how uber should be regulated. To conclude the show we talked about our “favourite” person, Donald Trump and what he would do for american citizens if he did end up becoming president of the United States of America

Catch da Flava - Ahmed Mohammed's Clock

On tonights Catch Da Flava, we talked about the wrongful arrest of 14 year-old Ahmed Mohammed who made international headlines after he was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. His teacher assumed it was a bomb and reported Ahmed. We discussed racial profiling and stereotyping and how it affects people in their day-to-day lives, we also briefly talked about how Ahmed’s situation could have been handled differently.

Catch da Flava - Online Celebs

On tonight's show we talk about Youtube comedian Nicole Arbour's "Dear: Fat People" video which has generated a lot of controversy and backlash for promoting fat-shaming. Are Youtubers role models? Should they uphold a level of responsibility over the type of messages they produce to their young audience? We also talk about the recent interview with Ellen and Caitlyn Jenner which exposes her views on gay-marriage; of which she doesn't 100% currently support. We also touched on TIFF and Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace Donald Trump in Celebrity Apprentice. Hosted by Alex, Tyrone and Judd.