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Regent Park Focus at MozFest 2014!

Regent Park Focus, since 2013, has joined forces with HiveToronto Hive Toronto which is a network of non-for profit organizations within the Toronto area. HiveToronto is supported by Mozilla (The developers of Firefox) and acts as a way to bring organizations together to collaborate and participate in Maker Party events. A Maker Party is an event led by any of the containing organizations within the Hive network. A place to give participants the opportunity to quite simply... make something. For Regent Park Focus we have been very lucky to be featured in the 2014 MozFest that took place in London, England last week. All the Hive networks from around the world met up for the very first time. Was a great opportunity to connect, share knowledge, collaborate ideas and discuss challenges and solutions pertaining to each organizations' needs and potential growth. Additionally to the Hive track program I was fortunate enough to also meet the other track programs that Mozilla support

Thursday Workshop Session

During this session the youth had the opportunity to start researching the themes they were interested in. The four themes (history, politics, spirituality and arts and culture) were broken down to topics such as drumming, lacrosse, residential schools etc. However, due to the nature of these topics the students had to break them down further and form sub topics. These included, the type of drums, the equipment used for lacrosse and the apology for the residential schools respectively. For the social justice activity we analyzed photos and discussed what they portrayed and how we felt while looking at them. We then received the annotation that was attached to the photo and compared and contrasted our thoughts to the ideas depicted by the person taking the photo. The goal of the activity was to show the ideas and the emotions we may have while glancing at the photo without any texts associated with it. By: Tanbir Haque

Youth Reflection – Inspirit Project

My first interview on an Interfaith Dialogue was of Jasper Bendici. He is part of the Shallow Seas (a current rock band), as well as being an active member of a Greek Orthodox Church. For the first time ever, I was actually doing what I've always wanted to do: host a tv show ! I had so much support from everyone. I received simple advice about studio interviewing technique , which greatly improved the interview. Because of my experience in front of the camera, I now feel so much more confident in speaking out. This experience of people depending on me to deliver, caused me to grow in areas I didn't even expect.    The program of Interfaith Dialogue is so important to me, because it encourages people to see above themselves and to explore the big questions every human faces. I believe our culture has suppressed these thoughts and questions. A public show that discusses different faiths, groups, and movements toward peace and understanding is immensely importa

Divas Girls - Week Two

Mαєαѕнαн Hαqυє Dινα Gιяℓѕ~ Wєєк Tωσ “I know every day is a gift, but where's the receipt for Mondays? I want to exchange it for another Friday”- Unknown. It’s no doubt that everyone looks forward to Fridays. Why? Simply, because Fridays are everyone’s chilling day, where you can let go of school and just relax with the upcoming weekend. But for me, that’s not the only thing I look forward to on Fridays. Recently I had joined a group called “Diva Girls”. “Diva Girls” is a place where you can just be yourself, a group about us. We talk about several important things going on, whether it’s in the society, media or globally. We feel comfortable enough to share with each other about things, like hard or rough times and things that are happening all around us. Our very first week was truly amazing. We all just had this great vibe that made the session absolutely remarkable. Lots of ideas were being thrown around; all of us reflecting on what we were talking about and connecting with