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April Last Friday

Our April Last Friday was really fun. We had an incredible line up of performers. We had the Focus House Band who played some great lively songs. Speaking of Regent Park Focus House Band, we also had Subway Roy perform. He started the Focus House Band. Subway Roy was a placement student at Regent Park Focus and he taught the drumming group. Subway Roy fundraised and raised a lot of money to buy equipment for the band. When the band started Tejah was the original singer. Tejah is the little sister of Trevonne who is still in the Focus House Band. Subway Roy took the band to perform at many events and venues including The Hard Rock Café. Subway Roy rocked the crowd with his guitar skills. However, he did not play the drums. We also had Kush I Krown perform. Kush is an amazing young woman who sings reggae music. She stated that she is doing this for the kids. She has an amazing spirit. My favourite part was when Kush I Krown gave me a shout out. I love her lyrics. If you want to listen

Audio PSA

I was in class when Mr. Blue called Brandon, Abu and me. He informed us about a group called Focus and that it was a big group and there are many groups within it. Mr. Blue told us that we were going to join the radio group, we all got very excited. When we got to Focus we met Andrew, our leader, he gave us a tour of the place and told us our jobs. Mr. Blue assigned us our partners; Alexis and I, Brandon with Lam and Abu with Mr. Blue. First Andrew asked us to pick a topic for our radio show. So Alexis and I picked fashion as our topic, Lam and Brandon picked YouTube, and Abu and Mr. Blue picked drug addictions. Than Andrew advised us to make questions about our topic, we researched our topic every Tuesdays and Thursday, we also looked for a person to interview, and we got ready to interview Erin, Andrew informed us that we were going to do the interview on Tuesday 28. On that day everybody was thrilled, after we finished Andrew let us know that we did a good job. Next day, we starte