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Jane's Walk in Regent Park

 Youth set up Mobile Media Lab aka the MAMMAL outside focus for Jane's Walk stop at Focus Diva Girls Group participants talk about the impact the group has had on their lives and how more young girls should get involved.  Youth wait outside Focus to present the MAMMAL to visitors  Visitors from Jane's Walk at Focus.  Visitors watch RPTV videos created by youth at Focus.  The Mammal display.  Tresvonne from the Regent Park Focus House Band and Catch da Flava Radio Show participant explains his participation at Focus.  Youth inside the computer lab doing their homework and working on articles for Catch da Flava Magazine.  Youth riding the Mammal in the community for the Jane's Walk community event.  Some of the youth who are involved in the radio show every Tuesday night talk about the importance of having youth's voice heard and their perspective on social issues and hot topics.  Michele, Youth Outreach Coordinator talks about