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Friday August 19th, 2016

Friday August 19 th , 2016 Today we spend the whole day catching up on projects. Mainly because there’s only 1 week left in the summer program so we’re scrambling to finish. I spent most of my day working on audio projects.   By:   Saeema Saifuddin

Thursday August 18th, 2016

Thursday August 18 th , 2016 So for this Thursday, we have changed things around because unfortunately Eddie is sick and he can’t come in for a game design workshop. :( But I thought that since we’ve shot at least three scenes for Jacksons drama, I should start editing and after today, I have made tons of progress. I started by going through every single clip we have and label them. That is extremely necessary when it comes to editing, especially if its something involving so much footage (I had about 150 individual clips) because it will make your life 1,000,000 times easier when it comes to looking for the right clips. Once everything was properly labeled, I put it in premiere and began editing! And as previously stated, it’s going very well so far!  By: Pierce Holmes

Wednesday August 17th, 2016

Wednesday August 17 th , 2016 Today, everyone was working very hard to finish their summer projects! Multiple participants helped to film some of the shots for one of the short films, “Til my Lungs Run Out of Air". There was also another audio workshop going on, where the participants learned even more about how to audio engineer their own shows. But, for most of the day, many of the peer leaders and participants were busy editing different television shows and short films. We are all well on our way to completing our projects . By: Alicia Anglin

Monday August 15th, 2016

Monday August 15 th , 2016 When I say Mondays, you say rock. Mondays! Rock! Mondays! Rock! Who says Mondays can’t be fun and not the bane of everyone’s existence. Here at Regent Park Focus, when participants come back from the weekend they come ready to work hard. As the last two weeks of the program are approaching participants are working tirelessly to complete their radio shows, television shows, and dramas. The participants are all at different stages on their projects, some are doing research, some have gone out to film, and some have already started editing. Two projects that will be ready soon are a Toronto fashion trends show and a slang show. With all the participants workings as hard as they are we are on track to have all projects produced by the end of August! By: Nicholas Ramsubick

Thursday August 11th 2016

Thursday August 11th 2016 Back at it today with another video game workshop! This week we got into making personal 3D titles which was tons of fun. We would write our names in regular text, spend some time picking out proper fonts and then convert it into a 3 dimensional object and from there we would stylize it. But that is not where it ends; we then went into actually animating our 3D title to move around in the 3D world as we would want to. That was really cool to play around with. As well as that, I also went out to help Jackson shoot a couple scenes for his drama. We had to shoot biking scenes around a movie theatre. The way we decided to get there was to take an Uber. Once the Uber showed up, we attempted to put the bike in the back of the van but unfortunately, it couldn’t fit and as a result we couldn’t shoot where we originally wanted to. We improvised and just shot around the Regent Park neighbourhood and everything actually turned out great! By: Pi