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Regent Park Focus's Directors' Group

For the past 6 weeks Focus has been running The Directors' group, a group in which one of its goal is to teach young people and adults alike, the fundamentals of film making. Another objective of the group, is to provide resource and training for the participants so that, by the end of the program, each participant would have a finished film/video. In previous weeks, the Directors' group had a 3-point lighting workshop - led by Chris Ak. And, the co-founder of NELVANA - a Canadian entertainment company - came to Focus and spoke to the group. He spoke about how he co-founded Nelvana, and what struggles they went through to keep their company up float. He encouraged the participants to get into the film industry - whether that's volunteering on a set or getting apprenticeship training on a TV studio or film studio. Currently, the group is on the pre-production stage of 4 public service announcements - which will eventually be viewed online.