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Diva Girl’s Blog Post – October 12th (Scripts)

This session was used to work on scripts. When the girls first walked in, we spoke more about ways to properly write a script. This meant talking about the setting, time, and the meaning of the video they are going to film. After this discussion they all started to rewrite the scripts they had planned since many had a different idea they wanted to go with or had decided they wanted to change groups. I noticed that some of the girls had taken the information that they had obtained during the last couple of classes and put it into creating a topic while others used their personal experiences as one. 

By the end of the session, the girls had either finished their scripts or had a good idea of what they wanted to do and say. Some of the girls had also decided that they would come in costume to film. Filming will start on the 19th of October.
 Amna Quaid Azam

Divas Girls - Discrimination

Diva Girl’s Blog Post – October 5th (Discrimination)

The topic for today was discrimination and how it can impact not only the way you see yourself and behave but also how it can impact the way others treat you.

When the girls first entered the room, some words were defined, these included words like: racism and stereotypes. Then we started talking about gender discrimination and stereotypes of these shown in the media. A game was played after where the girls would have to change career names like “weatherman”, into gender-neutral names like “weather person”.

We talked about how women are almost 4 times more likely to be shown at home in advertisements while the men are the ones working at car dealerships or as CEOs, etc. An Audi commercial was mentioned where they made a correlation between buying a car and getting a girlfriend. Then we looked at how women are portrayed in movies and noticed that recently that although there has been a lot of change in how women are represented th…