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French Connection - Education System in Canada

De Paris à Toronto – French Connection The theme of our Thursday June 1st radio show was about the education system in Canada. We began the show by giving a quick overview of the education system in Canada such as the numbers of students and schools. In 2010, public expenditures on education from provincial, territorial, federal and local governments amounted to $80 billion spent on all levels of education. Then we talked about the main differences of education systems between France and Canada. In Canada, there is no federal department of education like in France and no integrated national system of education. Everything is split into various department that refers to a specific location. Our objective was also to explain how the system works because it’s not easy for a francophone foreigner to understand the educative system in Canada. Speaking generally, the education starts at 3 years old and ends at 26 at the maximum. You can have a lot of options like in France but here, in Ca

Greening - Air Quality in Toronto

Greening's first broadcast in early May was about air quality in Toronto. The show talked about informative studies done in two areas of the city. We also had an opportunity to speak with Heather from the Toronto Environmental Alliance. She gave us more insight on some of the air quality issues we are having. The show continues to speak about INHALE, a project where participants may request their very own air quality monitoring device. To find out more information about how to get one of these devices, visit . To learn more about the 8 dangerous carcinogens in our Toronto air, listen to the podcast at:  The next show will be on electric cars, tune in on June 1st!

Greening - Electric Cars

On June 1st, Greening aired its second ever environmental talk show about Electric Cars! The podcast recounts Jim Motavalli’s book, “High Voltage” about the different types of electric cars and their pros and cons. The show also held a discussion between the two hosts about their personal opinions on electric cars, as well as the importance of them to sustain our future. Greening also dabs into the opening of Plug N Drive, a new discovery center where the public can visit for free and test-drive electric cars.