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Public Community Centers with a Price?

Tonight's radio show, we are speaking about access to public community centers within the Greater Toronto Area and how the city may start charging a fee for the use to these public facilities. Exploring how this could negatively affect youth and low-income families and where does this city funding come from? Should something like this actually be implemented??

School Safety Discussion on Catch da Flava Radio

Tonight we talked about school safety in Toronto. Michael went out and talked to some high school students, asking how they feel about safety in their schools. Then Bubba and Prince debated whether the solution will come by simply increasing security in schools, or increasing the security of this country to stop guns from getting into youths' hands in the first place. A good discussion overall which you can listen to here . If you're feeling unsafe in your school, call the new Student Safety Line at 416-395-SAFE(7233) Also check out these useful links: The final report on School Safety School Community Safety Advisory Panel Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto