Catch da Flava - Income Inequality

This week on our radio show, we talked about Income Inequality, with special guests Laura McDonough and David Hulchanski. We decided to message them specifically to see if they would come on our show because Laura is a United Way researcher and David is a UofT professor, and both are very informed on the topic and talk about it daily in their workplaces. We discussed topics revolving around what problems they face, residential segregation, the Gini coefficient, and many more. We also looked at the different incomes communities have had over the years. We found that in 1980, there were five very low-income neighborhoods in Toronto and in 2015, the number grew to 88. Overall, it was a very interesting topic to handle and think about. Laura and David told us that they had previously worked together combatting income inequality, which made the radio show even better and made it run much more smoothly. Next week we plan on talking about Skin Bleaching and the effects it has had on people all around the world.

Date: August 7, 2019
Name: Lorena Florea


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