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Summer Program - Streeters Interviewing

So, the morning started off with us all getting together talking about the plan for that day and as usual we began with just editing unfinished projects. I finished editing the PANAMAZING program and have just about finished the intro. All we need to do now is add some visuals. Afterlunch we got together to discuss the current status of everyone’s radio shows. There are still people remaining (including myself) who need to do street interviews. Because my partner, Sarah was absent, I wasn’t able to do mine. However, Danny’s partner was also away and he really wanted to get started on his streeters. I volunteered to help him. We took out all the equipment we required, signed it out and went on our street interview journey. We decided to go to around the Yonge and Dundas intersection since there tend to be a lot of people around there. When we got there, Danny seemed to be very under pressure when trying to approach people since it was his first time. But I helped him out. And rejection

Catch da Flava Radio - Pan Am Discussion and more

Today we discussed various topics from giant robots to sexist tweets from soccer clubs. It was an eventful time on air this week with many lively discussions and opinions getting thrown about. We had new voices join us this week on air such as Tyrone and Faben. We also discussed the upcoming Pan Am / Para Pan games that are being held in Toronto this year! We had a really fun and lively discussion this week!

Summer Program - Food Justice

Members of the Summer Media Training Program interviewed two members of Toronto’s Food Security movement as part of their Radio Program on Food Justice. The first guest was Justine Barone, the Community Advocacy Coordinator, from CRC Regent Park Community Food Centre. Justine told us all about Regent Park Community Food Centre and the programs that run there, like their Community Meal Program, Food Skills Programs, and Community Gardens. Justine told us all about the important role food plays in community development, and gave us advice about how youth can become involved in the food justice movement. Our second guest was Andrew Antonio, who is the Coordinator at the Riverside Good Food Market. He told us about how the Riverside Good Food Market provides fresh, affordable food to the Riverside community at a very low price point. The organization is volunteer run, so it really brings the entire community together. Andrew’s advice to youth was that we should learn how to cook. He sa

Summer Program - OJEN workshop with 51 Division Officer

Today, OJEN brought three special guests for a panel Q&A. We had Melissa Huntley - a 51-Ddivision police officer, Serena – a A Regent Park crisis counselor -- and Samira, – a lawyer who represents youth under 18. We also had a panel discussion where youthwe asked the guests a variety of questions ranging from their choice of career, their passions, their challenges and what they have accomplished for the community. It was a very informative day!

Summer Program - Radio Segments

Members of the summer youth media training program are working on developing radio segments that focus on social justice issues. The topics being covered are food justice, the dispute between UBER vs. taxi, the new sex-ed curriculum, and the concept of true beauty. Most of the shows are currently in the pre-production stage, volunteers are working on booking guests to interview, as well as creating several Public Service Announcements on each topic. The volunteers will start to record their shows and interview guests next week. Some groups were ready to start recording today, and went out to interview people on the street to get a public perspective on their topic. The group also worked together to create a template for the best way to reach out and contact appropriate guests for their shows. They will be able to use this template for future projects, as well as their radio segments. Finally, the group spent time coming up with questions for the police officers and lawyers who will b

Summer Program - Youth and The Law Workshop

July 15, 2015 Today, OJEN hosted another Youth and the Law workshop on criminal vs civilian charges. We discussed our knowledge of the law, and participated in an activity to test our understanding and awareness.

Summer Prorgam - Radio Workshops

Today, our youth participants split up into their radio teams and started their pre-production plans. Some youth reached out to the community to come in for interviews, while others researched facts and information about their topic. They were informed about how to have an organized structure to their radio documentary, and look for guests who normally wouldn’t be interviewed about their area of expertise   ( e.g., if exploring the new Ontario sex ed. Curriculum,-- instead of asking another parent -- , ask a police officer who has dealt with sexual assault cases. )

Summer Program - Dr. Scott Levine

Today, our group began two media projects – a radio documentary and a health-themed television show. The summer program’s volunteers and staff were divided into smaller groups to plan and produce the audio project with an emphasis on addressing Toronto’s social justice issues. Our topics include: the new sex-ed curriculum in elementary schools, the debate between UBER and licensed/taxi drivers, and food justice in our community. In the afternoon, we had an award-winning chiropractor, Dr. Scott Levine, host a health and fitness workshop to help prevent injuries at work. He gave us an informative, engaging and life-changing advice on how to improve our lifestyle through better posture, inhaling deeper breaths and an emphasis on a healthy high-fat diet (i.e nuts, salmon, avocados, coconut, etc).

Summer Program - OJEN (Ontario Justice Education Network)

Today’s session consisted of two workshops: continuing the camera workshop, and a special presentation from OJEN (Ontario Justice Education Network). Vina and Adonis held the camera workshop focusing on camera functions, shots and angles. We also expanded on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing/hosting. We had guests come in from the Ontario Justice Education Network – they hosted a workshop on community justice, stereotypes and the police enforcement. Everyone had a chance to participate through discussion and post-it activities. The workshop gave everyone an in depth and thought provoking session.

Pan Am Path: 2015

From May 16 th - August 15th 2015, the Pan Am Path will feature art and events in different locations around Toronto. On Saturday, July 4 th , the Diva Girls took Pan Amazing TV to the Pan Am Path to check out the art installations and talk with the many Toronto residents and visitors who were out on the trail.   The first stop was the undercurrent audio installation that sang the river’s Anishinaabemowin name to people passing by on the bridge. On their way to the next feature, the girls ran into Lois Lindsay from Evergreen who gave them an update on the path and all of the great events scheduled throughout the summer. The Divas also got to chat with some passersby who gave their thoughts on what they had seen for the day. Next, the Diva girls took in a live public poetry performance by over 25 participants.   Afterwards, the Divas were lucky enough to bump into some Aboriginal performers who took the time to talk with the girls about the river and their role on t

Summer Program - OCAD Presentation

Today, the morning staff got together to create an interactive game for our mobile media lab. Our goal was to interpret the Toronto Health Vital Signs report into a kid-friendly game for the residents of Regent Park. After much research and debate, 'The Toronto Vital Wheel’ was born.   In the afternoon, we had a workshop hosted by OCAD graduates Umar Amanullah and Han Yang. Umar has tremendous experience within the broadcasting industry including creating MTV Pakistan, art direction with various awards show and producing in television news. Han is a filmmaker, animator and CG artist – he was really interactive with groups and even showed us his Oculus glasses!

Summer Program - Day One!

Today marks the first day of the 2015 Summer Media Training at Regent Park Focus! Our group consisted of former and new volunteers – both eager to learn and enhance their skills. Our first day, we introduced the new volunteers around the studio and taught them how to operate the studio cameras. They practiced by interviewing each other and critiquing their own work.   We have a great group this year – most of them want to learn video editing!