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Catch da Flava - Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Oct 29, 2019

This week of Catch da Flava, your hosts Jamila and Kiley are joined by Ish to discuss some basic financial literacy. The trio have been also joined by Hirani Siva over the phone. Hirani is a part-time Financial adviser and a third-year criminology student at Wilfrid Laurier University. In this episode, many great questions about budgeting, delay of instant gratification and chequing/saving accounts were discussed. Additionally, some of the misconceptions of credit cards were addressed. On behalf of the group, Thanks again to Hirani for her time and knowledge we are looking forward to having her again soon. Listen to an archive of this episode and more at:

Divas #2

We met for the second Diva’s program of the session on Friday October 25th. The girls arrived with smiles on their faces and began to socialize and eat snacks before beginning the week’s discussion. The facilitator wrote a question on the board that said, “Who inspires you on Youtube?” The girls named a few like Denzel Dion, Nella Rose and Adam Saleh. They said that they are inspiring because they are out there, true to them, authentic, relatable and don’t hold back on their thoughts and beliefs. The discussion shifted to stereotypes and which Youtubers are challenging them on their channels. Then we discussed the dangers of Youtube, including false information/fake news, forcing young girls to grow up fast, hateful comments and secret product placements. The final activity of the day was to create a Youtube video called, “Storytime: They Thought I Was Aggressive?” The video was about stereotypes people placed on them and they had to answer specific questions in the video such as “wh…

Diva Girl's Blog #1

Diva Girl's Blog #1

Today was the first day of the Diva's program for this year. The girls came in with vibrant energy and were excited to be back and to see each other. The group socialized and ate some snacks before gathering in a circle to start today's program.

It began with an ice breaker game called "Two Truths and a Lie", where the girls opened up about what they did over the summer and what they are looking forward to for this session of the Diva's group. After going around the circle, the CANVAS instructor, Twoey, pulled out two large pieces of paper: one had social justice issues the girls want to tackle and the other one was arts based practices to tackle those issues. For example, the paper said topics such as Islamophobia, racism, love and relationships, body image and many others, and the girls circled which topics they wanted to discuss further. Then, they had to circle which arts based practices they wanted to do which included painting, da…

Catch da Flava - Federal Election

Federal Election

Oct 08, 2019

This week Catch da Flava youth radio show started off with a banger! The hosts Jamelia, Thalia, Shejuanah and Kylie -joined by Ish, discussed the upcoming Federal election and what qualities and goals they wanted to see in the next leader of our beautiful country. Moreover, they debriefed the Federal Election debate for listeners who didn’t get the chance to watch. To hear this amazing radio show, go to the Radio Regent archive at:

By: Ishag Ahmed

Powerful by Nature - Sickle Cell Awareness

Date:  September 23th, 2019 Hosts:  Chantal & Kai
Guests: Ulysse Guerrier, Community Health Worker at Taibu Community Health Centre
Topic: Sickle Cell Awareness

September is National Sickle Cell Awareness Month so this show, we talked all about Sickle Cell Disease, treatment, stigma and more. We interview Ulysse Guerrier, a Community Health Worker at Taibu Community Health Centre who runs a Sickle Cell Support Group and Kai talks about her personal experiences as someone living with Sickle Cell Disease.

Listen here:
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TAIBU Community Health Centre is a multidisciplinary, non-for-profit, community led organization established to serve the Black Community across the GTA as its priority populati…