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Diva's Media Group - Vision Board

DIVA’S MEDIA GROUP This week the girls from the Diva’s Media Group focused on enforcing positive affirmations and images through the creation of unique vision boards. This activity motivated the girls to strengthen their self-esteem. The idea of a vision board allows the girls to be surround themselves with positive images of who they want to become, where they want to travel, their desires, dream careers and much more. In order to create this vision board, the girls had to cut out pictures in magazines, newspapers and create drawings. They were able to extend their creative abilities and critically think of their future aspirations. The girls will also have the opportunity to apply this activity to their upcoming Girls Talk video, where they will engage in discussion and present their vision boards.  The divas were able to enjoy creating and developing their own unique vision boards. By: Anne-Julie Guerrier

Diva's Media Group - Mobile Media Bike Workshop

Last week, the ladies from the Diva’s Media Group attended the second meeting involving members who are actively working with Regent Park Focus, to discuss the upcoming project of the Mobile Media Bike. This project will encourage the development of new media ideas that will promote Regent Park Focus. The meeting allowed members to underline the main advantages and disadvantages that were listed at the previous meeting, to now form concrete ideas that will narrow down the Mobile Media Bike’s purpose. The Divas were able to participate and give ideas on the focus of the utility of the bike within the community. The girls chose to present a specific event, in which the bike can be utilized. The “Sunday In The Park” is an event in July that occurs in the Regent Park community, was an excellent choice for the girls as they recognized the volume of families and young girls that participate at the annual fair. The girls explained the ways the Mobile Media Bike could be used with the parti

Diva's Media Group - Sexualization of girls in Media

This week in Diva’s Media Group, the young ladies explored the themes of beauty and self-confidence. The group had the chance to view “Girls Talk: The Sexualization of Girls in Media”, a video that invited a young group of girls from 11 to 14 years old to advocate for their definition of beauty while analyzing pictures of current women in the media. The Diva’s participated in their own “girls talk”, sharing their views and observations on the media’s perception of beauty. They all had unique definitions of the term beauty, pointing out key words such as friendliness, pure hearth, personality, awesomeness and more. The girls also identified their role models and offered individual explanations for their choices. The Diva’s expressed their advocacy for girls as they defined and acknowledged true inner beauty.

Catch da Flava Radio: New Kitchen Library in Daniels Spectrum

On tonight's Catch da Flava, We decided to introduce a new 5-minute music/art segment to the show. We thought that talking about depressing news all the time would eventually get pretty stale so every week from this day onward, we will feature some sort of art/music element to the show. We talked a little bit about the new kitchen library that will be opening on November 5th in Daniel Spectrum, as well as the tragic Russian airline crash that claimed the lives of 224 civilians, what could have brought the plane down? To listen to this show, go to: