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Radio Regent News & Views (8-28-2020)

 In today’s episode of News and Views, journalist Jamelia Parnell reports on a recent, disturbing incident involving a construction crane in Regent Park; David Wall interviews Justice for Migrant Workers activist David Fox about his experiences with migrant workers while volunteering in Asia and some of the commonalities he has found with similar workers in Canada; journalist Chloe Nguyen-Drury chats with Toronto Centre MPP Suze Morrison about the recently passed bill 184 and what it means for tenants’ rights in Ontario;   journalist Gaelle Kosi discusses the challenges of owning a business in Regent Park during the Covid-19 pandemic with a local hair salon owner; and News and Views staff presenter Ibby Albazz explores the current health of real estate markets in the Greater Toronto Area.

Radio Regent News & Views (8-21-2020)

 In this episode, journalist Chloe Nguyen-Drury interviews Toronto Community Housing Senior Construction Manager Robert Boyd about the new development at 150 River Street in Regent Park; Talha Hashmani and Masih K continue their report on the upcoming reopening of schools in Ontario; and lawyer Kikeola Roach discusses various cases she has worked on involving migrant workers in Canada and connections to the legacies of Canadian slavery and colonialism. As always, our headlines are compiled and read by Cassandra Earl.

Radio Regent News & Views (8/7/2020)

 In this episode we hear a report from Talha Hashmani and Masih K about Doug Ford’s recent announcement regarding the reopening of schools across Ontario; Minerva Navasca profiles two activists who have taken part in the recent wave of protests in connection with Black Lives Matter; Sang-Hun Mun of Injured Workers Action for Justice discusses various organizations currently advocating for injured migrant workers in Canada, focusing on situations arising during Covid 19; As always, our headlines are compiled and read by Cassandra Earl.