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Radio Show - Sochi Olympics

On Today's radio show the panel discussed issues surrounding the 2014 Sochi Olympics. During the show we covered various topics relating to the Olympics like: living conditions for tourists watching the games, LGBTQ rights of gay athletes competing, and controversial issues related to past Olympic games. The whole panel was unanimous in the fact that athletes and humans in general should be treated with equal amounts of respect, and should not be judged based on anything less of the norm.  With tourists, living conditions were not only dangerous but also unsanitary. We all agreed that the tourists should have been well accommodated for, and the hotel staff should have been more prepared knowing how much people would be traveling to that area.  Other topics which was carried out in the discussion was the Paralympic games. It was discussed that there should be an equal amount of attention to the Paralympic games, and the panel felt that it is lacking support from the media. Overall,

Divas - What Does Black History Means to You

Some of the Divas talk about what Black History Month means to them: I think black history month is amazing and should be acknowledged more! There are a bunch of amazing black people that have changed the world because of their actions. It's kind of sad that we aren't doing anything in school about it though. - Thusany  Me being here today proves that my people made it though slavery. They fought for freedom and succeded. I am Black History. - Tajah  For many, many years black people were discriminated for their race.But now black people are treated the same as any other race. For us to get to where they are, many people such as Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Jackie Robins, and Emit Till and others help black people to have their rights. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have the family I have, the friends I have, the safety I have, the education, freedom, confidence, and opportunities I have now. Black history month is to remember what bl

The Divas and Black History Month

The divas got together to celebrate and multiple important occasions. With regards to black history month, there were numerous outlets of information provided to the Divas in order for them to obtain more knowledge about Black history. The girls all submerged their attention in documentaries about various Black activists who strongly impacted anti-oppressed groups for the better. After viewing these biographies, the Divas discussed what they have learned and also were amazed how individuals can have such a big impact not only while they’re here on Earth, but also many generations that have followed them afterwards. All the divas also wrote a quiz that was Black history month themed, to see how much they knew prior to watching the documentaries and the discussion. Another topic of interest for this weeks program was discussing all of the events during the Sochi Olympics, and also the inconvenient events in Russia surrounding the anti-gay laws. After all of these discussions, the Div

Radio Show - Tuition Costs

I joined Issac and Omar to host a radio show surrounding the increasing tuition rates in Canada, and comparing the cost of post secondary with schools in the United States and also in the UK. For this radio show we were also joined by Esen, Ihsan, and Tyrone who shared their experiences with dealing with their tuition costs. The radio show consisted of various ways in which students can make their tuition more affordable: either through bursaries, loans, and grants (ie) scholarships. Surrounding the topic of the importance of education, we played two spoken word videos: the first was titled "I will not let an exam result decide my fate" by Sullbreezy. This was a good spoken word piece as it focuses on how our society labels our worth by what kind of degree we obtained from post secondary education, or if we have even had the opportunity to go to school. It also questions why the school system continues to base our intelligence on exam marks and how it is an unfair chance f