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Radio Regent News & Views - Blog March 29

This week on Radio Regent News & Views, we will be exploring the following stories:

1. Continuing our ongoing coverage of Doug Ford’s changes to every day life in Ontario, we’ll be taking a look at the scrapped Basic Income Pilot program and what it means for our province’s poor. We’ve prepared a mini-documentary, with excerpts from lectures and talks by Tim Mulvale, a professor at University of Manitoba and Hugh Segal, a long-time Canadian conservative political operative.

2. Further to Doug Ford’s continued austerity measures, Adonis Huggins will present an interview with a Regent Park resident and activist discussing the 15 and Fairness campaign, dedicated to raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

3. David Wall and Theo Nazary will put their heads together to discuss the news of the week, including the apparent exoneration of Donald Trump, the ever unfolding SNC Lavalin scandal and recent developments in the world of social media companies.

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