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Radio Regent - News and Views (Jan 1st, 2021)

In this episode of Radio Regent News and Views, we focus on volunteer activism in increasingly challenging times. We’ll hear two interviews conducted by Justice for Migrant Workers volunteer Fabio Heredia Casalins with people working with Food Share to bring highly needed resources to migrant workers and other marginalized communities; and we’ll hear a conversation between journalist Minerva Navasca and youth activist Dominique about the continuing importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and how young people are a vital part of the struggle.

Radio Regent News & Views - December 11th, 2020

 In this episode of Radio Regent News and Views, journalist and Justice for Migrant Workers volunteer Fabio Heredia Casalins interviews food justice advocate Leslie Campbell about Foodshare, an organization dedicated to supporting populations facing food insecurity, including Canada’s migrant workers; journalist Dimitrije Martinovic speaks to Murshida Mueen and Ines Garcia, two Regent Park residents currently involved in the ongoing Evaluation Bench Mark process for the City of Toronto’s Regent Park Social Development Plan; and we’ll hear remarks made by Regent Park Neighborhood Association representatives Marlene DeGenova and Gail Lynch, City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, as well as Mitchell Cohen of the Daniels Corporation during a town hall held on November 24th, 2020, co-hosted by the RPNA and the Daniels Corporation. The town hall was arranged in the wake of a horrific anti-black racist incident that occured in June of 2020 on a Daniels construction site in Regent Par

Radio Regent News & View - Decembeber 4th, 2020

 In this episode of Radio Regent News and Views , journalist Ayesha Khan interviews Ayesha Amin, a community researcher with the SDP Employment and Economic Development Working Group, about the state of employment in Regent Park; we present a second excerpt from a recent online discussion featuring academic/writer/activists Naomi Klein, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and Astra Taylor, regarding paths forward for America’s left in a post-Trump world; and journalist Minerva Nevasca asks the question “To Work or Not to Work; Youth Employment in a Pandemic.”