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Boyz to Men: Nutrition Trivia and Webcomic completion

Today at Boyz 2 Men, Natnael and Basboos completed their comic life strips on healthy eating as the other boys offered their guesses at nutrition trivia that Amar from Toronto Public Health put together. The boys were very surprised when they heard that drinking a large milkshake can often be higher in calories and fat content than eating 4 hamburgers. They also couldn't believe that some soft drinks contain between 10-12 teaspoons of sugar and often have more caffeine than a cup of coffee! After we did our trivia, we talked about the way that you could order a pizza to make sure that it was healthier option than usual. We talked about getting our pizza to be made with whole wheat crust and ordering vegetables instead of toppings that were loaded with nitrates like pepperonis and salami. After our chat, we chowed down on a nutritious snack and we wrapped up another informative session of Boyz 2 Men.  Brian Bigioni

Radio Regent's The Jam February 2013 blog

What a great following up to January’s ‘Last Fridays’ The Jam event!   It has been a very wintry cold month, almost as cold as this past January but without the persistent snow storms.   We managed to keep it fiery with this community gathering through celebrating the Black Heritage Month through the talents of our youth and guests. The jam kicked off as usual by the introduction of ‘ The Focus House Band’. They continued to mesmerize the community with their lively energy and enthusiasm. The Focus House Band which started approximately five years ago as a youth program teaching those interested how to play drums inspired a new vision that transformed the “Drum Lessons” into a “Music Production Workshop”. Eventually, they found 8 members to work with collaboratively in creating, producing, and composing musical tracks and lyrics. At present, 3 have remained. Solid and loyal to their group and continued to entertain everyone in the Regent Park community with their original songs

Divas - Toronto Public Health

Friday, February 15, 2013. This afternoon the girls in Diva were joined by representatives from Toronto Public Health Sara, and Chantal. They came in to discuss healthy eating and having a healthy active life style. Sara and Chantal asked the girls to brainstorm different snacks that are considered healthy yet fun to make. Some of the girls have a strong craving for chocolate and would love chocolate covered strawberries, which is only one of the many great ideas that the Divas came up with. In the following weeks Sara and Chantal will be returning and getting us ready to start living life in a healthy way. By: Karise Reid

Boyz 2 Men - Healthy Eating Continued...

Today the boys continued their exploration into healthy eating habits, and did some work on their comic strips. We were lucky enough to have Amar from Toronto Public Health in once again to answer any of the questions that the boys had, and to establish what they would like to learn about in future sessions.  After the discussion, some of the boys worked on turning the pictures that they had taken in their camera assignments into comic strips. Together with Jerry, they thought of sequences and stories behind their photos, as well as tag lines and dialogue to go along with their different scenes. Stay tuned for updates and postings of how the boys did with their cameras and the stories they came up with!  Brian 

TV Studio Training

Over the past couple of weeks we have been receiving training for the brand new RPTV Studio control room and broadcast cameras and equipment. Thanks to Rogers for setting up the studio. The workshops have been going very well and we are hopeful to start producing some TV shows very soon! To check out our latest RPTV Episodes check out !

January Catch da Flava Radio

Welcome back to ‘Catch da Flava’ radio to a great brand new year! We are ever so pumped up to start 2013! This January, we started off our radio topics by discussing all the crazy 2012 highlights. We discussed our favorite ‘Catch da Flava’ radio topics from last year. The notables such as: The Bath Salt special, The Halloween special, The Doomsday 2012, the Luca Magnotta dismemberment of Lin Jun, the controversial KONY 2012, our talented musician ‘Jessica Speziale’ visiting our station Radio Regent, and Nelly Furtado coming to our Last Friday event. We also enjoyed discussing our community events such as The Nuit Blanche event, the grand opening of the Aquatic Centre, the CRC and the Daniels Spectrum around the Regent Park community, the Block-o-rama, the Show Love and EID, and Sunday in the Park. Nelly Furtado visiting the Daniels Spectrum was much anticipated as well. Lastly, our weekly dose of Rob Ford doing his worst around the city. So much for 2012 highlight, let’s t