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Week Three of the Photography Summer Program: To start week three of the summer photography program we worked with the K-club youth to encourage them to start finalizing their project ideas. The youth started to filter out some ideas that were not as strong or projects that would be more difficult to complete. In week three the youth were introduced to Lightroom, a photography program they would be using to view, choose, and edit their strongest photos. On the computers the youth were showed how to import photos from their cameras into Lightroom and learned about folders, naming, filtering, tags and exporting. Last, the youth were taught how to edit their photos in Lightroom using basic adjustment controls like exposure, clarity, saturation, vibrance, blacks, and contrast. The youth then taught their peers who had missed last day’s workshop everything they learned about importing and editing in Lightroom. This exercise was related back to the important life skill of teamwork and le

Film Project

Hello, its Lupaa and Rimma we came down to focus today to act in a film project about new immigrants and their experience at an bank. I (Rimma) played the part of a bank teller whom had a hard time understanding the immigrants language. The film focuses on the struggles between the new immigrant customer and the teller. Lupaa: it was an awesome experience we had so much fun and i was the janitor in the film, lol. My character basically and i was very proud of that. Hi, my name is Usman Khan. I think this PSA project is a giving youth a great opportunity to learn about filming,editing and developing films. It gives us a chance to show off our talent and skills. Along with that, we get to learn how to use professional cameras and equipment. Last week, we learned about the equipment required to shoot a film and came up with an idea for our film. Today, we got to decide on the characters and their names. This project is really fun and gives an opportunity to do something exciting

Summer Video Program

Summer Video Program Week 1 and 2 During the past two weeks in the video program we have been working with youth from K-club, Focus Youth, SEAS, Dixon Hall, and Diva Girls Group. The first few days we spend time teaching the youths how to handle a video camera. They also learned all the camera shots and angles to make their final video interesting. The end project for all these youths is to come up with a PSA, so to give them ideas we watched PSAs from the previous years. After watching videos, as a group we brainstormed ideas of all the possible topics to make a video about. Then we asked the youth to make their own story that we discussed as a group. We always came across very good story ideas so we worked together and used all the good ideas to come up with one great story. We see K-Club youths three times a week so they are a little ahead with their PSAs. They have already completed their story boards and they have been doing roll playing so they can get use to being in front o