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The Diva Girls Program 2011

Hi my name is Iman Zein. I am 12 years old and a grade 6 graduate from Regent Park Duke of York Public School. This is my 3 rd year in the Diva’s program. It is held every Friday from 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m at Regent Park Focus Youth Media Arts Centre. The main idea of this program is to have positive self- esteem and develop a “sisterhood” with the other girls in the program. This year, Focus moved to a different building. It is now located at 38 Regent Street. Due to that change, the program was put on hold. Instead of starting in September or October, the program started on Friday, March 4 th , 2011. We did not have as much time as usual in the program but, we had a very good time. One week we screen printed. Using a fabric screen, glue and some paint, we customized our own t-shirts. We got to express our own creativity and personal style. Each T-shirt turned out unique at the end of the day. It was fun trying something new. Another week Focus invited a guest to teach us about

June Last Friday

There are many different things that Focus provides. Like the radio show, the Divas program, photography and video programs. One of my favourite things that Regent Park Focus provides is held on the last Friday of every month. What better name to call it than ‘Last Friday’, of course. It’s a time to enjoy, dine on amazing food, and watch fantastic performances, and most of all HAVE FUN. June’s Last Friday was very special. It was going to be the last one before September. I have been to many of them but this one would be one that I would remember forever. We had the Regent Park Focus House band, MPP Glen Murray was there, Marni Levitt, Snooky Tynes, South Side Swagg, and even I performed.   The first performance was the Regent Park Focus House Band. They performed one of my favourite songs “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz. They also sang some of their own songs. One of their songs was called “Wait another Day”. Another one was called “Love is by my Side”. I think that the audience reall

Radio: Discussion on Brigette DePape

Tuesday's show was intense! Omar, Fenide, and Isaac all spoke their mind about Brigette DePape, the university student working as a page for parliament, who protested the PM in her own creative way. Was her belief worth more than her job? Apparently she got offered a job from Michael Moore afterwards, who commended her on her actions. Her popularity shot up in waves, from several Facebook pages of support as well as an interview with the CBC. 

Environment Issue: Almost there!

Oh gosh, we are so close! Thanks to the writers, photographers and artists for contributing to this long awaited issue of Catch Da Flava magazine! And a big thanks goes out to Sarah, we miss you! As I am just finishing up some final changes, we've also started writing for the next issue which will be released hopefully around mid-summer! We're already collaborating with Luminato to help us in our writing and research, as well as we're contributing to Luminato's own magazine as well! You'll be able to read all about it this summer! -Terence