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Women's Rights Radio Show

Today on the radio show Tres, Anisa, Saeema and Michelle discussed a wide range of issues and subjects such as, abortion in Canada, women losing the right of equal pay, the niqab (similar to the hijab but only the eyes are visible) , the cut on funding for the Gay Pride Parade and rising TTC prices. One issue that really stumbled us was the abortion topic. Some people may say that it’s wrong because the fetus is person and others may argue, when is the fetus considered a person? We also talked about the Niqab possibly being banned in Quebec. One reason for this is that they want to know who people are. Not much to say about that, other than it just being plain ignorant and its discrimination. Political issues are also brought up such as, why would the government cut the funding for the Gay Pride Parade? It attracts so many tourists! Anyways that concludes the brief discussion of our discussion for today’s radio show. Make sure to tune in next time on 88.1 fm CKLN Catch Da Flava Radio