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A whole shwack of us (Emman, Steve, Tyrone, Ashley, Annestassia, Ryan, Adrian, Joanna, Adonis, Pat, Sam, Jerry....) headed to the Gladstone Hotel for a two day showcase and conference event for youth arts programming... the IGNITE event. Different organizations were given a room to display themselves in, and the room exhibition was themed "HOSPITAL". We got the radiology room. There were some neat workshops and panel discussions. On day one, towards the end of the day events, there was a pitch contest, where different upcoming organizations and initiatives performed for a panel of judges for a chance to win $3000 for their projects. Three groups received the prizes. It was a pretty cool show. For our Tuesday night Catch da Flava Radio show, we did a live broadcast from the Gladstone Hotel. Tyrone is still excited about it. We interviewed people who were a part of the event, as well as those just visiting. On day two, Adonis was on the panel for a discussion about the