Divas #2

We met for the second Diva’s program of the session on Friday October 25th. The girls arrived with smiles on their faces and began to socialize and eat snacks before beginning the week’s discussion. The facilitator wrote a question on the board that said, “Who inspires you on Youtube?” The girls named a few like Denzel Dion, Nella Rose and Adam Saleh. They said that they are inspiring because they are out there, true to them, authentic, relatable and don’t hold back on their thoughts and beliefs. The discussion shifted to stereotypes and which Youtubers are challenging them on their channels. Then we discussed the dangers of Youtube, including false information/fake news, forcing young girls to grow up fast, hateful comments and secret product placements. The final activity of the day was to create a Youtube video called, “Storytime: They Thought I Was Aggressive?” The video was about stereotypes people placed on them and they had to answer specific questions in the video such as “what do you want to say to people who believe this stereotype about you?” The videos will be edited for next week.

Overall, the girls opened up about stereotypes they face in their daily lives and how to cope with these false assumptions about them. As well, the girls filmed a video that is personal to them and shows off their personality in a vlog style video. Finally, the girls engaged very well with the program and are looking forward to showing their videos to the rest of the group next week.

By: Laura Polisuk


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