Radio Regent News & Views - October 18, 2019

Climate Crisis and Federal Elections, October 18, 2019

This week on Radio Regent News & Views, we will be exploring the following stories:

1. Reporter, Wayne Greenway, discusses the movement created by Greta Thunberg, with special guest Ally Rugu, a U of T student involved in Fridays for the Future Movement. Fridays for the Future movement is primarily made up of school-aged young people dedicated to reversing climate change.

2. Host David Wall and co-host Theo Nazary discuss the Federal Election about how advanced voting polls have reached a record high for most early voters at 4.7 million participants.

3. David Wall and Theo Nazary discuss how Donald Trump has a high chance of being re-elected as the President of the United States pending the public's opinion of the impeachment

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