Radio Regent’s “Catch da Flava” Show Expands on Bullying

Catch da Flava’s youth hosted a radio show on October 30th speaking the topic of bullying. Our hosts Shejuanah, Kylie, Thalia and Deborah. They aimed to touch base on the different types of bullying such as verbal, physical, cyber and emotional and also on 3 specific forms bullying that are homophobia, body type and class.

They addressed issues surrounding LGBTQ+, whether there has been general acceptance for LGBTQ+ identities in the recent years and other issues that trans and gender non-conforming youth have with bullying, especially in school settings.

In terms of class, they spoke about wealth versus poverty, the different income and status every household has. Bullying can also be based on the brands of clothes one may wear, what electronics they have, and how much money their family has in general. The youth also had an opportunity to share some of their personal experiences and how they have realized that they should never be a bully to get rid of one, instead they should stand up for themselves.

Additionally, the hosts spoke about body shaming and the importance of body positivity. This includes fat and skinny shaming and diet culture. Bullying affects several individuals of all ages and during today’s show they discussed many ways to help deal with the issue of bullying.

Our hosts finished off the show with stating some resources to reach out to if one may be getting bullied; such as close friends, a teacher or someone older that may be able to take care of the situation.

Listen to Podcast:

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