Diva Girls' Blog Post – October 19th

This session was aimed at both editing the scripts and team and relationship building. 

When the girls entered the room, they took part in playing some games like broken telephone. They were really interested and involved in playing and this helped as an icebreaker. They were then given a typed-out version of their scripts and worked on editing and finalizing it for filming.  

Near the end of the class there was a discussion brought up about the representation of minorities in the media and how Hollywood (when making movies based on books or other forms of media), tends to change characters and do not represent minorities realistically or the way there were written as.

An example brought up by one of the girls was the fact that often, girls that are light-skinned get casted to play characters that are supposed to be darker skinned and that this is damaging because it makes it seem like darker skinned girls are not good enough and that there are only a few movies that have dark skinned girls as the protagonist. Constantly seeing this kind of representation, or in this case, misrepresentation can also affect the way people feel and behave, but also they way they treat themselves and those around them.  

Amna Quaid Azam 


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