News and Views - 5/15/2020

In this week’s episode of Radio Regent News and Views, staff journalist Jael Joseph interviews Dr Carissa Etienne, a public health expert and the director of the Pan American Health Organization. about the Covid 19 virus in Dominica; Talha Hashmani and Masih K interview Dr Roberta Timothy, an associate professor at the University of Toronto School of Public Health, about the intersection of race and the corona virus; Naama Weingarten discusses the sexual assault allogations made against Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and their significance in regards to the upcoming US election; and David Wall reads an excerpt from Naomi Klein’s recent article entitled “Screen New Deal,” in which she discusses the current attempts by big tech companies to swoop in during our time of crisis and make permanent and major changes to previously sacrosanct public institutions. As always, our headlines are compiled and read by Cassandra Earle.

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