Radio Regent News & Views (4/17/2020)

In this episode of News and Views, Jael Joseph, staff journalist here and host of her own online program Carcoe Tea, interviews the founder of the Festival of Literary Diversity, author Jael Richardson. The two Jaels discuss growing up with a famous dad (Richardson’s father was CFL star Chuck Ealey) and what it’s like to be a woman of colour and a writer in Canada.

We also hear an excerpt from an online teach-in from last week, which featured Angela Davis and Naomi Klein. In the excerpt, Klein responds when asked for her assessment of the unprecedented crisis we’re living in and what the threats are of disaster capitalist solutions to the crisis.

Finally, we are treated to a song by Vancouver musician Geoff Berner, called “Why Don’t We Just Take the Billionaires’ Money Away?” from his 2019 album Grand Hotel Cosmopolis.   

Listen to podcast:


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