Divas Media Group - Youth, Arts and Engagement in Cities

On Monday, January 20th 2020, a group of students from the University of Toronto gathered to begin the first session of their Youth, Arts and Engagement in Cities program. This program engages students from U of T and the Diva's group to collaborate with each other to work on media projects, in order to raise awareness and tackle social issues around the world or in the Regent Park community. This year they will do a Youth Media Case Study, which will focus on using media projects to express themselves through topics that they felt are important for the community to know. The session began with introductions. Everyone was very excited and participated. The students divided themselves into groups and members of the Divas Group picked a group to work on their projects with. There were five groups, Video/Film, Radio/Podcast, Music, Magazine and interactive art. Each one will be responsible for producing a project based on their category, which we will see by the end of the program in April.

By: Denisse Ramirez


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