Divas Media Group - Monday, February 10, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020

Today was the fourth week of the Diva's and U of T student's programs. This week they had special guest speakers and did a very outstanding reflective activity. Students started with dividing themselves into groups to talk about 4 different topics:

  • Understanding the religious fabrics of Regent Park
  • Individual expressions/experiences of Faith and Religious Ethnic Discrimination
  • Religion and the built environment
  • Inter and Intra Fath divides and solidarity

Afterward, they received and welcomed guest speakers from the "iAm Youth Program" by the JAYU Festival Inc. This program is offered to youth across "underserved communities" across the GTA for a 9-week training for focused on arts and social justice. This is a great program for youth to be involved with education on social problems and how it is involved and can be express through the arts. Two of the guest speakers who came were previous students of this program and they showed their experiences, shared a few fo their projects and did an activity with the Divas group and UofT students. The activity involved some photos that youth from the iAM program took and each of the students was to look at the photos and in one word write and express what they saw or how they felt about the photo. After this, the students and the girls shared what words they wrote down and why they wrote that word done. This activity was done to see that people have different perspectives and how our feelings are impacted by art.

Before ending this session, speakers from the iAM project encouraged the students and girls to make their own art project by using magazines to cut pictures or words and glue them together in a sperate piece of paper. Through this simple yet powerful project, student and the Divas were able to put together their thoughts about their own faith through a work of art. Both groups had fun during this activity and were very respectful when sharing their projects. We thank the guest and both the university students and the Divas for their participation in this great collaborative session.

By: Denisse Ramirez


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